Not a pretty picture: Ex-con security camera installer arrested again

A Macomb County security camera installer has a bit of an image problem - and has a problem seeing the big picture.

Rob Wolchek met him a couple of months ago. His customers say he did a great job - right up until, he didn't. They say he took their money and never completed the jobs - and in one case - he didn't even start the job.

"He was charming. I really liked him," said Ruthann.

Who wouldn't like a guy smiling ear to ear for his new mugshot!  It's Zack Ellis, the friendly felon security camera installer who told Wolchek in April: "I've made no mistakes. Everything I've done is 100 percent legal. I've done nobody wrong."

Zack may have an arresting personality - but for some reason, he keeps on getting arrested.

Wolchek: "You got charged with a felony, it looks like 'State of Michigan versus Ellis.'"

"I'm pretty sure that's going to be inaccurate," Zack says.

Wolchek's just guessing this call might offend Zack - and he's a very sensitive guy.

Wolchek's just guessing this call might offend Zack - and he's a very sensitive guy.

Wolchek: "I'm looking into you...."

Zack Ellis: "Because you're going to make sure you're right.  That's the only side you know."

Wolchek: "Prove me I'm wrong then. Let's go."

Zack Ellis: "You don't have to be rude."

Ron and Ruthann hired Zack Ellis, owner of Kidon Security, in late 2021. He claimed he could install a new intercom system in their Clinton Township home.

"We see your program on television and we go 'Oh my God, it's him!" said Ron. "I was kind of convinced, ah, this guy's okay."

They say Zack seemed like a good guy while pitching the job.

"Unfortunately, I had written him a check the first day," Ruthann said.

Wolchek: "So how much was the check for?"

"Two thousand, 895 dollars," she said.

But Zack never came back.

"He kept using the ships are stuck in LA, coming out of China," Ron said. "(He said) 'We can't get the parts off the boats.' Subsequent to that, he's using other excuses. Finally, I said, I'm done now waiting. I asked him for our money back."

"He stopped responding to texts, to calls, nothing," said Ruthann.

Ron went to "Kidon Security Headquaters' which turned out to be the house where Zack lived.

That ruffled Zack's sensitive feathers and he let them know it in a terse text.

Then, Ron and Ruthann saw Rob's Hall of Shame story.

Wolchek: "Matthew says he gave you a thousand dollars and you keep blowing him off,"

Zack: "Absolutely not. No, I told him to stop talking to me inappropriately. He called me a drug addict.  He was kinda rude. Every job that was done before that, was done exactly on time."

In that story, Wolchek introduced you to Matthew who said Zack cashed a $1,000 check and never did the job. And Marcel.

Wolchek: "How much did you give him?"

Marcell: "Total, $4,500."

Wolchek: "And he didn't do the job."

Marcell:"The job is not done."

And Mohammed.

"He never finished the job and he got the money and never came back," Mohammed said.

You also met Melissa who hired Zack to install a CCTV camera system at the Harrison Township Library.

"All the library funds are taxpayer money," said Melissa Goins.

But she says the system Zack installed had to be ripped out because it was a Chinese-made system that has been banned in government buildings.

Wolchek: "So this system now is just junk."

"Yeah this is junk," she said. "I can't use it."

Wolchek had Zack show up to a potential job where he said this to Rob's undercover cameraman"

Undercover cam:  "I should do my due diligence ... are you licensed?"

Zack: "Everything. Highest reviews in Michigan."

But Zack isn't licensed. He does have some good reviews in Michigan. but he also has some convictions in Michigan.

When Wolchek did his first story, Zachery Ellis had eight felony convictions for retail fraud, larceny in a building, and uttering and publishing check fraud.

Zack: "You can't come to someone with a percentage of two of doing something wrong and make them look like a crook."

Wolchek: "You are a crook."

Zack: "No I'm not. You're a crook for twisting the story."

Zack denied he'd wronged the victims in the first story.

But Ron and Ruthann sure didn't believe Zack when they saw the piece. Remember, they say he took almost $3,000 and never installed their intercom system.

"Number one, I want my money back and number two, I want him to stop doing this to other people," Ruthann said.

They called Wolchek's producer who suggested they make a police report. And now Zack has been charged with taking money under false pretenses over $1,000 - a felony.

What's Zack got to say?  Let's find out.

Wolchek: "I know you got arraigned in Clinton Township. Correct?"

Zack: "As I said, I think you're going to have some inaccurate information that's going to be adjusted."

Wolchek: "Well, make it accurate for me. Go ahead, tell me what happened?"

"I'm sure if you check it will be updated. thank you," said Zack as he hung up the phone.

Well, in his new mugshot Zack is still wack....but looking smooth as shellac in the Hhhhhalll of Shame!!"