Novi man leads police on chase after threatening shopper with gun

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Dashboard video shows police chasing a suspect moments after he allegedly threatened a Meijer shopper with a gun.

Officers tracked that man back to his home where they found a large stash of weapons.

Wixom police used a U-Haul to take what they say is a massive amount of ammunition and weapons found in a house in Novi. This all started when a customer at a Wixom Meijer got the scare of his life on Tuesday.

"He went into the store, it is alleged he pointed a pistol at a stranger and made some threats and then left," said Lt. Ron Moore, Wixom police.

Police were called out to the Meijer to investigate and while they are at the store the suspect finds them.

"Several hours later the man returned to the store," Moore said. "Upon seeing the officers, he fled the scene in his vehicle at a high rate of speed."

In the dash cam video,  police have lights and sirens going but the man makes no attempt to pull over.

"His driving was too fast, too erratic and a caused concern for the public safety," Moore said.

Eventually due to safety concerns Wixom police called off the chase off, but not  before getting a license plate number. This led them to the house in Novi.

And with a warrant in hand, police arrived at the house.

"For the public's safety fortunately the man did come out and surrendered to police peacefully," said Moore.

That's when police went in and pulled the long guns and various rounds from the house taking it away as evidence as they work to build a case against this man.

Police say it's likely he will face felony assault charges for pointing a gun and fleeing and evading charges for chase. Now with additional charges possible, that will be up to the Oakland County prosecutor.