Novi officer saves the day, preventing flooding in elderly couple's home

Here's your feel good news for the day Detroit.

You'll find many tools on the utility belt of a police officer. But, sometimes all they need is just a screwdriver.

Fastforward to superbowl Sunday in Novi, where officer Tim Shay found his abilities for a helpful hand very useful.

With snow and ice melting, an elderly couple had grown concerned regarding the possible flooding that comes with the warmer days of winter. But here comes Shay to the rescue, tightening a pipe, turning the water off in their house.

It could have flooded a furnace or ruined their well water.

This isn't the first time Shay's help has been accepted. A photo was snapped a few years ago of the officer helping repair a kids bike. Before that, he was commended for saving a group of ducks.