Novi's Fenix Ammunition sells bags of bullets celebrating Sen Dianne Feinstein's death

There is a difference of opinion and then there’s this story - putting a politician's face on a bag of ammunition the same day they die, with a message on it that’ll make you do a double-take.

The ammunition business – is still booming, and Fenix Ammunition in Novi is no different.

Justin Nazaroff – and his brother own the business and Friday morning he woke up, pumped-up after a Lions win.

"That's unbelievable, so already a great start to the morning and then we hear Dianne Feinstein passed away," he said.

Out of death – birthed an idea. The bags of ammunition have a picture of the late US senator known for being a champion of gun control legislation and it reads "RIP Dianne Feinstein laugh out loud. Bye b----."

Ridiculing politicians in this way, it’s kind of his thing. Especially politicians who support gun control like Feinstein out of California, has for decades.

"I think it's exactly what she deserves," Nazaroff. "I think most politicians deserve to be mocked as much as in death as they are in life."

The ammo company posted to its 117,000 followers on X– formerly Twitter. It says:

"To celebrate the death of Senator Feinstein we're offering free shipping on ammunition to California customers today through Oct. 31st. Simply select Good Riddance, Dianne at checkout!

"Evil authoritarians should be mocked in death the same as they are in life. No quarter."

The post has more than 10,000 likes as of Friday evening.

"Dianne Feinstein couldn't care less about me, so i couldn't care less about Dianne Feinstein," Nazaroff said.

In California you can’t ship bullets directly to your home, it has to go to a gun store, and you have to pass a background check.

"We decided to offer free shipping and hopefully that will energize them and get them into the (voting) polls ideally," he said. "But it’s California so she will probably be replaced by somebody even worse, let's be honest."

Nazaroff, who also sells bags of ammunition mocking other politicians including former Republican Vice President (and current GOP presidential candidate) Mike Pence, politically identifies as a Libertarian - but with a lowercase "l."

FOX 2 asked what would he say to the Feinstein’s family – who’s likely be appalled by the commentary.

"If they were really her friends or really looking out for her, as her family members - they would've told her to retire 10 years ago, and enjoy the final years of her life on a beach some place," he said.