'Nurses Inspire Nurses," supporting one nurse at a time

"Nurses are scared too, but they show up to work," said Cat Golden, Owner of Nurses Inspire Nurses. "So, we're supporting them every way we can."

Cat knows firsthand what it's like to be a nurse. 

"I was a tired, burned out nurse and I just knew it had to be a different way."

For Cat, that changed spelled entrepreneurship, but she still wanted to make a difference for the nursing community. 

So, she left the hospital setting and launched her own online business, Nurses Inspire Nurses. The website provides resources for nurses in need of support and people can purchase motivational merchandise to inspire these healthcare workers.

"We have t-shirts, sweatshirts and tumblers," Golden said. 

But when the deadly coronavirus emerged, many frontline workers were stretched thin, by working countless hours to support others. 

At that point, Nurses inspire Nurses took on a new meaning and more people are using the merchandise to show their support in these hard times. 

"My biggest vendor is Simplified Printing in Detroit," Cat said. "They print our merchandise. They print for me around 7,000 garments."

As Cat and her employees work to get out items and prepare for Small Business Sunday, these self-care kits will be provided with some orders at no charge to let nurses know their value. 

Megan English works at Nurses Inspire Nurses and she's also a nursing student and she said when a nurse receives one of these items, its more than I gift. 

"I feel so happy when I seal the order because I know how happy someone is going to be to open it up because they will be part of the community," Megan said. 

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