Oak Park considered COVID-19 hotbed, officials say

This is really testing all of our strength right here,” said Oak Park City Manager Erik Tungate. 

As more positive COVID-19 tests come in, we start to see hot spots emerge in this outbreak, and Oak Park is one of them.

“We are tracking the cases internally,” Tungate said. “We have our boots on the ground and we are also getting regular updates from the county.”
Oak Park is reporting some of the highest number of cases in Oakland County.
As of Sunday night, the county has 1,179 confirmed cases and 34 deaths.
“This is a moving target,” Tungate said. “We seem to have a higher level of incidents right now confirmed cases that is and tomorrow it could be a completely different situation.”
Tungate says any reasoning for their spike, would be speculation at this point.
He assures, they’ve taken every precaution possible among city employees, including public safety. 
They’re following all the recommended guidelines in terms of wearing protective equipment and gear we are triple cleaning everything on a daily basis,” he said. 
As President Trump extends the federal social distancing guidelines through April 30th, Tungate urges his residents to self-quarantine at home, to slow the spread, as it spikes.
“We have made it through tough times before and we will get through this, no question in my mind,” he said.