Oakland and Macomb county sheriffs raise $10K for PAL

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The Oakland and Macomb county sheriff's offices duked it out on the diamond in a battle of the badges.

It was the first charity softball game between the two and is all about raising money for the Police Athletic League.

"This is for the Police Athletic League," said Oakland Sheriff Mike Bouchard. "The Sheriff PAL program to give kids the opportunity to have sports and mentors and the kinds of things every kid deserves and sometimes the funds aren't there.

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham says helping out their neighboring deputies was a no brainer.

"Being a neighboring sheriff, we're assisting them, they're assisting us," he said. "We're helping them with investigations, they help us out. Anytime there's a good cause and a good charity and it's for the right reasons, we're going to be a part of it."

Partners on the street - but rivals on the field.

Detroit Tigers legend Dave Rozema threw the first pitch.

"Well I didn't size up all the guys right here, but I live in Macomb now so I've got to support Macomb," Rozema. 

But win or lose he's ultimately supporting the kids in the Oakland County Sheriff PAL program.

Bouchard says you can too.

"We're looking for people who want to be involved," he said. "Coaches, mentors, any sport the kids want to do, we eventually want to be able to offer anything: golf, tennis, football, basketball. we have cheer, you'll see cheer tonight. a host of those types of things, just whatever kind of motivates a kid - we want them to have that opportunity and also interaction with a mentor."

Oakland County won the game 21-9 but $10,000 was raised.