Oakland county family lottery club wins $3.73M jackpot ticket

The latest multi-million dollar jackpot won in Michigan was awarded to a four-person lottery club from Oakland County.

Even with all the luck in the world, it appears there is still power in numbers as one family of four discovered recently.

"Our family decided to form a Lottery club and we have been playing together for a while," said the club’s representative.

But according to the Michigan Lottery, even the group had little reason to believe they would win. The individual who purchased the winning ticket let several days go by before checking to see if the Lotto 47 ticket they had bought had won.

The winning ticket was purchased on Dec. 10 at a Sunoco gas station in Clarkston. 

When the individual traveled back to the gas station a few days later, the owner told him they had recently sold a $3.73 million winning ticket. 

"I made a mental note to check my ticket when I got home and then complete forgot about it," they told the Michigan lottery.

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"A few days later, I saw the ticket and remembered that I still hadn’t checked it. When I realized that we’d won the jackpot, it took me awhile to gather my thoughts. Once it sunk in, I called my wife and the other club members to tell them the good news! It still seems unreal."

The club members recently visited the headquarters to claim their prize. 

They picked the one-time lump sum payment of $2.5 million, rather than 30 annuity payments for the full amount. 

Each member plans to save their winnings. 

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