Oakland Forward works to make sure no Black voters are intimated at county polls

Oakland Forward is a grassroots organization working to help African-Americans and minorities in the county not lose the right to vote.

"We work unapologetically for black and brown people to make sure they have civic engagement," said Kermit Williams, executive director.

The organization has volunteers set up in several cities in Oakland County including Pontiac and Royal Oak Township working to not only make sure voters can cast their vote  but also make sure no one is being intimidated at polling sites 

"We had someone come in and try to videotape the people as they were voting," Williams said.

That’s when Oakland Forward stepped in.

"I went up and started asking questions and all a sudden they had another place to be," he said. 

But that’s not the only issue this organization is monitoring - Williams says some people are working to use COVID-19 to keep people away from polling sites 

"We’re giving out masks and know your rights guides," he said.

Oakland Forward has also partnered with the American Civil Liberties Union to investigate any issues at polling sites.

You can call 1-866-Our-Vote hotline and people there to help answer questions so they can participate in election.