Oakland Hills Fire: Propane tanks, torch, and heater collected as evidence in investigation of blaze

Two propane tanks, a propane torch, and a propane heater were collected as evidence in an investigation into the Oakland Hills fire that decimated the historic Bloomfield Township country club, a case report of the investigation acquired by FOX 2 shows. 

According to a Feb. 17 write-up of the investigation, the Bloomfield Township Fire Department believed the fire may have started under construction behind a rear wall. The location may have prevented crews from identifying the source of the fire sooner, as well as impeding the facility's sprinkler system from putting it out.

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Fire Marshal Peter Vlahos also told investigators that workers at Oakland Hills - which has since been ruled a total loss and will need to be rebuilt - had been using a propane torch and heater near the building before the fire was discovered.

The propane tanks, heater, and torch were dragged away from the structure as crews fought the fire, Vlahos told investigators. 

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Law enforcement have yet to determine a cause for the fire, which remained hidden from crews long enough for it to spread throughout much of the building. The blaze took most of the day to put

A fire breaks out at the Oakland Hills Country Club on Feb. 17.

 out and required crews from approximately a dozen different area departments. 

Multiple employees interviewed by investigators said they could smell smoke while inside. It was also visible through vents in the basement pastry kitchen area.