Oakland University and professors reach midnight deal, union calls for end of stoppage

Oakland University and professors have reached a deal to put an immediate end to the work stoppage that threatened to derail the fall semester.

Just after midnight on Saturday morning, the Oakland University branch of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) reported that a deal had been reached between both sides. As part of the deal, leadership called for an immediate end to the work stoppage.

Details of the agreement were not released but are expected to be presented to the union in the coming weeks.

Professors and the school could not come to an agreement ahead of the expiration of the previous contract, which ended at midnight Wednesday night.

Teaching staff believes the wage increase that's been offered is too low, while the school says the educators that do strike will be doing so illegal since they are public employees. 

Students were told to continue to class Thursday morning for the first day and check in with their professors.

The main sticking point in the negotiations, according to a union rep was financing. 

Professors strike against Oakland University as school tells students to report to class.