Officer shooting suspect facing assault with intent to murder charge

The man arrested for shooting two Detroit officers Wednesday night now faces a long list of charges.

Raymond Durham has been charged with assault with intent to murder and more charges are likely to follow.

Durham is the prime suspect in the murder of Wayne State University Sgt. Collin Rose.


Meanwhile, the two officers shot this week are still in the hospital.

Chief James Craig calls it an officer's gut instinct -- The officer shot in the neck put his needs aside to pass along a hunch to the chief from his hospital bed.

"He said to me, 'I believe the suspect who shot us is the same man who shot Collin Rose,'" Craig said. "That's all he said."

Craig joined Wayne State Police Chief Tony Holt to officially call Durham the prime suspect in that crime.

They confirmed a DNA match links Durham with Rose's murder.

"We received telephonic information of a positive DNA match," Craig said.

Although as much as everyone wants to exhale at the news that a potential cop killer is no longer on the street, the chief is quick to caution.

"It continues. This is only a first step in what I describe as bringing some closure but not closure," Craig said.

Police will have time to build their case as Durham was arraigned for attempted murder charges at his hospital bed.

He was sent to hospital after the officers he allegedly fired on returned shots hitting him several times.

Durham then hid from officers for two hours before being arrested and taken to the hospital -- meaning if or when he's well enough to leave, he will go right to jail.

"The DPD lead detective was able to get the warrant to get him arraigned so we can slow down and make sure everything is right because again, we want to get the right guy," Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw said.

Police had originally arrested and arraigned one suspect in the murder of Rose, only to release him and clear him of all charges.

Michigan State Police say given the circumstances of this case, all the evidence, including ballistics on the weapon and DNA, were rushed in with hope that it would be a match.

"If you are going to shoot three officers you are definitely a danger to everyone else that's out there," Shaw said.

As far the officers' recovery goes, the 20-year veteran of the force will require multiple surgeries.

The other officer is in stable condition after being shot in the leg.

Both are expected to make a full recovery.