Officially flipped: 24/7 Christmas music has begun on 100.3 WNIC

It's official -- the Christmas music switch has been "flipped" on 100.3 WNIC.

Jay Towers and his crew launched the 24/7 Christmas music run just around 8:15 a.m. Friday, November 1 with help from special guest, actor and Michigan native Dave Coulier.

The first song was Burl Ives "Holly Jolly Christmas," and although we couldn't hear it on TV, we promise - it's there! 

You can hear more about Dave Coulier's big move back to Michigan from California in the video player above. (Notice he's wearing gloves in studio. He says his body hasn't adjusted to the temperatures yet!) 

Contrary to popular belief, the radio station doesn't typically start its Christmas music the day after Halloween - but this year November 1 was the big day. The past few years the radio station began their 24/7 Christmas music during the first or second week in November. 

"If today, it was 70 degrees and sunny and an odd warm day on the first day of November, we would not have done this. It snowed last night! My daughter showed me a picture of her scraping snow off the car this morning, so it felt right today," Jay told us. 

And if you don't believe Jay calls the Christmas music shots, how about Mariah Carey?

The star tweeted a "breaking news" alert that the holiday season has indeed begun. She got a call from Santa at 12:01 a.m. on November 1, so you know it's true. 

Carey's tweet got more than 100,000 likes and about 46,000 retweets in the first five hours it was posted.