Officials still don't know what was in Bear Creek spill; Warren drinking water declared safe

The Macomb County Public Works Commissioner provided a timeline of events regarding an unknown substance discovered in the Bear Creek Drain.

"About two days ago a contractor working at 11 Mile and Mound in Bear Creek noticed a very heavy green material," said Candice Miller, Macomb County Public Works commissioner. "We immediately notified the City of Warren, EGLE, and we notified the EPA."

While cleanup efforts remain underway, officials immediately rushed to find the source.

"Which is at a now-defunct, formerly a plating company called Fini Finish," Miller said. "It’s unclear exactly how much contamination got into the drain."

Attempts by FOX 2 to contact the owner of this building were unsuccessful.

As the investigation continues, Miller said the new owner "has been extremely cooperative" but added they did not winterize the building.

Officials say it’s too early to know about fines or penalties.

At a press conference Thursday, Warren Mayor Lori Stone said the drinking water is safe.

The EPA is testing the soil, ambient air, and the building.

"I don’t think there is any question that there will be a cleanup of that site but I don’t believe there is a public health risk," Miller said. "Our concern is what got into the waterways here."