ON CAMERA: Man caught on video stealing from church safe

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A church bandit breaks one of the Ten Commandments in clear view of both the Lord and a surveillance camera.

"Disgusted, shameful," said Det. Lt. Jason Schmittler of Shelby Township police.

Perhaps the only words to describe the actions of this guy. Caught on camera, a man is seen stealing cash from a Shelby Township church's safe early Friday morning.

"He drives right up to it, leaves his lights on in the car," said Schmittler. "He definitely knew where it was, he wasn't lurking around."

Driving a Chevrolet Uplander, the man casually grabbed his crowbar wearing flip-flops, shorts and a T-shirt. He then goes right to the outside prayer area of St. George Chaldean Catholic Church and to the safe, holding donations.

"It took him about seven minutes to get in the safe," said Schmittler. "He did steal some money."

Speeding up the video, the man is seen struggling to break open the safe trying to pull up his shorts, looking around, then falling backwards. He took a break, less than a minute later. The thief then tries again.

"Anytime you steal from a church there's nowhere else to go from there," said Schmittler.

The man eventually can be seen breaking it open and gathers the pile of cash to load up his car. He then goes back to grab his crowbar and leaves just as casually as he arrived.

The thief even took off with the door to the safe. Those with the church are of course deeply disappointed and say if the man was so desperate he could've just asked for help.

"If you need the money that badly, come to church," said church Pastor Wisam Matti. "We help you."

FOX 2: "He didn't have to steal."

"Exactly," Matti said.

Matti says the thief likely got away with roughly $700 as the safe hadn't been emptied in two weeks. Police found some prints at the scene and are now hoping someone recognizes this cruel crook.

"We're disgusted with the act," said Schmittler. "He has no business being out in our town and stealing from a church."