On video: Man steals charity money hidden under traffic cone

A charity is out of more than $100 after a man found where they stashed the donations and drove off with the money Wednesday.

The Second Chance Homeless Network lost the money it had raised while collecting donations during red lights at intersections after it was stolen by a driver caught on video.

While taking a break, a worker stashed the jar of donations under a traffic cone. Video shows a driver stopping his vehicle near the cone, lifting it up and stealing the container of money.

"To steal from the homeless? That's kind of pitiful," said Mike Meddaugh, vice president of Second Chance Homeless Network.

The organization helps homeless individuals find food, shelter and work, and employs the homeless to participate in the fundraisers to support the shelter.

"It's very crucial. Without the money raised in the streets there would be no way that we would have a shelter," said Jami Meddaugh, president of Second Chance Homeless Network.

Police said they are getting close to breaking the case and are waiting on a warrant, and those collecting will find a new place to stash the money in the future.