One of 12 charged in Macomb County corruption takes plea

One of the dozen people who were arrested and charged by the FBI has agreed to take a plea deal and start talking about what happened in Macomb County.

Angelo Selva's plea deal with federal prosecutors Monday comes with a possible 27-month prison sentence. But his cooperation could lead to a shorter sentence.

Selva says he helped Dean Reynolds, a trustee in a Macomb County township, get cash from the chief executive of Rizzo Environmental Services, starting in 2014. He says he created a false document to make the money appear as a loan.

"I was extremely manipulated by him. i did not profit from it from anything I've done and I'm guilty," Selva told FOX 2.

Had he stayed silent, Selva could have received three years in prison. By making the plea, he'll be getting 21 months.

"I'm doing the right thing. At sentencing there will be more facts that will come out. My relationship with Reynolds was dysfunctional. A regular person would have pulled away from him," Selva said.

Selva will be sentenced in October.