Ongoing massive warehouse fire causes evacuations in Highland Park

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A massive fire that destroyed a huge warehouse continues to burn. Many nearby were forced to leave their homes and it's not over yet, it could take days to put out this fire.

Traditional firefighting methods have been rendered pretty much useless with heavy machinery brought in to battle some of the fire that's still roaring.

Meanwhile the problems continue downwind as you follow the smoke east. that's where houses and shops were evacuated. People were still in the line of smoke with emergency responders, police are wearing masks just like this one for obvious reasons.

Fierce flames lit up a night sky, the fuel provided by plastics, papers and other recyclables in a recycling warehouse in Highland Park. It is part of a program putting ex-cons back to work. They were able to get out safely but the size and the strength of the fire made the fight slow-going.

Deputy Chief Michael Ridley said that the companies fighting the blaze are rotating every two hours.

The water pressure isn't helping according to the mayor, who issued a boil water advisory for the city.

"There's no reason to panic," said Mayor Hubert Yopp. "It's just we have a low volume of water because of the major fire here.

As the day carried on, the wind carried smoke.

"The buses evacuating the residents out of this area," Yopp  said.

People living in the line of fire forced out along with shoppers downwind as well

There have been no major injuries to report  as a result of this fire. Only a handful of people have been treated for asthma attacks.

There is no word when they can return.