Online company gives away weed with T-shirt purchase

A young, Detroit entrepreneur is in the gray area of the law with his new business venture. But it's not stopping him from cashing in on the new recreational marijuana laws. 

He's 22 years old, in college and looking to make a buck. 

"We are about $5,000 in profit," said the founder of CannaMich.

He's clearing that kind of profit in two weeks of launching Users buy expensive T-shirts on the site, and with their delivery a special gift -- marijuana.

"Our T-shirts range from about $70 all the way up to about $300," he said.

The founder doesn't want his identity out there because he's operating in a gray area. They only sell to adults 21 or older, and you have to give them a copy of your license. They deliver within 15 miles of downtown. 

"Today made our 100th sale so we dropped off our 100th T-shirt today," he said.

Current marijuana laws allows gifting 2.5 ounces of Marijuana to anyone 21 years or older without penalty.

"The law does put limits on it," said Thomas Lavigne, an attorney at Cannabis Counsel.

The attorney said the caveat is sites like these cannot advertise. Lavigne said the punishment would be a civil infraction, meaning fines. 

"It's a scam and I think the cops will see through it," said our own Charlie Langton.

Charlie, an attorney, said this concept isn't new.

"Ticket scalpers used to do this all the time you are not supposed to scalp tickets, however if you buy this T-shirt you can get two free tickets -- no," he said.

CannaMich is relying on word of mouth on social media. He's trying to make his money because even he admits this is likely to have an expiration date. 

"I feel like pretty soon there's going to be some sort of patch in the law," the founder said.

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