Online video shows Livonia Hungry Howie's worker stirring sauce with bare arm

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A video was posted online of a Hungry Howie's pizza employee stirring up a bucket of sauce with her bare arm.

The young woman can be seen with her arm in the sauce, and the Snapchat caption reads "elbow deep."

"This is some good-(expletive) pizza sauce right here," she says, while smiling on the video.

The video was shot at the Hungry Howie's location at Seven Mile and Inkster in Livonia. It was posted on Snapchat and then anonymously sent to FOX 2.

FOX 2 tried to talk to the woman who originally posted it online.

FOX 2: "Hi, are you Stefani?

"Yes, I'm Stefani."

FOX 2: "Are you the one who posted the video of the pizza sauce?"

"I can't ... no ... (closes door)."

It turns out both women the one in the video and the one who posted it, work at the Hungry Howie's on Seven Mile. A manager tells FOX 2 they have been reprimanded but not fired.

The arm in the pizza sauce video comes on the heels of another pizza employee - this one at Stevie B's in Woodhaven caught on video dancing on the buffet after hours.

But back to that bucket of pizza sauce: "The whole arm - that's sick," said Brian, a customer. "I'm not about to eat arm pizza, that's not my thing."

"That is not something you do at all, ever," said Ron Simmons, a Hungry Howie's customer. "I myself work at Tim Horton's over there. That is something that is definitely a no-no in the food industry."

But not everyone thinks it's a big deal

"We eat here very frequently," said Kim Cwiek, a Hungry Howie's customer. "And we have never had any issues with their food.

"I'm just wondering if it's just a prank not that they did and they thought it was funny - but not food that was eaten."

"I guess I'm going to have to find a different pizza place," Simmons said.

FOX 2 spoke to the manager who called the owner of the Seven Mile location but he declined comment.

The manager said that the woman on the video was not the schedule for this week but has not been fired. The second woman who posted the video was also reprimanded, but not fired.