Operation Holiday Hope gives free food for Easter to those in need

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Operation Holiday Hope took place Thursday morning in Detroit at Views Bar and Grill. 

It provided free groceries to anyone in the community on a first come, first serve basis, giving 50,000 pounds of fresh vegtables, canned goods, perishables and small give aways. 

There were no stipulations and every family in need was able to receive the donations.

"It's our second time doing it. we do it at Thanksgiving and at Easter," said Andre Styles. "It's a community effort engagement with the people who support us so it's just a chance to be able to give back to the people who really give back to us every day."

"We do it because it makes us feel good and it's our responsibility."

A huge impact and a happy easter for so many in the community. 

"When people find out that they can come and get food for the holiday they're excited," Styles said. "They tell their friends that they bring their friends they load up the car and come and get their negotiateries."

Views Bar and Grill wants to do something similar near Thanksgiving.