Organization pays bails to get Metro Detroit moms home for Mother's Day

Moms who have been locked up because they can't afford bail will spend Mother's Day with their children thanks to a Michigan organization. 

The Michigan Liberation Bail Program has been bailing some mothers out before their special day. The women of color were being held for non-violent offenses.

"We actually have an end cash bail campaign, and that’s the reason we’re doing this bailout, to shine a light on the system," said Earl Burton, with Michigan Liberation.

Michigan Liberation believes that system is broken and unfair to people of color who often do not have the money to make a bond payment.

"If you and I both have the same charge, but $1000 is nothing to you, and you’re walking free and I have to sit here for months because I don’t have the means, no way is that justice," Burton said.

Two of Friday's bailouts didn't go as planned, though.

"We paid the bonds, which totaled $2,750 for the two women who were supposed to be bonded out," said "Both moms had holds in other jurisdictions and both of those jurisdictions are coming to pick them up, and they wouldn’t be released today, but they wouldn’t return our money, either."

After receiving the call that his girlfriend, who is incarcerated for a weapons offense for having a Taser, was set to be released Darries Hayes was excited. Now he’s disappointed she won’t see her three kids on Mother’s Day.

"It’s kind of heartbreaking, and you always want to see your kids and have those gifts from the kids and everything those are the best Mother’s Days," he said.

But Michigan Liberation says it will keep fighting because they know their work can change lives.

"Well, I’m a returning citizen. I spent 30 years In the Michigan Department of Correction, so I have a passion for criminal justice reform," Burton said. "I’ve seen it make a difference."