Out & About: Flyboarding

PINCKNEY, Mich (WJBK) -- In Michigan we love our water sports... but if you've grown bored with water skiing, tubing or wakeboarding perhaps flyboarding is the thing you should try.

Brian Gannon got into this extreme sport by watching a video on Youtube and thinking, "Hey, I can do this".  So now he does... and he teaches other people to do it too.

He says most people are interested in flyboarding, but are concerned about safety.  In 2 years, he says he's never had one.  After all, when you fall, you fall into water.

It works like this: a 55 foot hose is attached from the bottom of the board to the exhaust of a jet ski.  When the driver gives some gas, the exhaust rushed through the hose and propels the board into the air.

Brian's company is called "Extreme Aqua Sports" and can be found at www.extremeaquasports.com.  It costs $100 per half hour or $1200 for the entire day.