Overnight snow expected across Metro Detroit

The sights of spring are everywhere you look in Metro Detroit.

Flowers have started to bloom, the leaves on the trees are starting to grow and of course that tell tale sign of spring, a robin getting food.

So it seems a little out of character to be getting snow in late April.

“I think it’s my fault, I drained my snowblower the other day,” Michael Brown said.

The topsy turvy weather is throwing people for a loop.

“Easter was great, taking pictures outdoors then it went from that to raining and now snow,” Kristen Johnscone said.

“I’m ready for warm weather, put some flip flops on not gym shoes,” Samaria Duncan said.

But 7-year-old Matilda is wearing her snow boots.

Fox 2: So you’re wearing them because we’re getting snow?

“Um hm and they’re my favorite boots,” she said.

Matilda’s three-year-old sister Ruby is also prepared for the weather.

Fox 2: What are these you’re wearing on your feet?

“Boots!” she said.

There are even plastic covering perennials to protect them from the weather.

“Like I have a bunch of flowers by my house, now it’s going to start to rain then snow,” Jennifer Kenner said.

But Matilda says it’s going to be okay.

“Snow is food because when it melts it becomes water then it helps the plants,” she said.