Owners of Plymouth's longtime candy store Kemnitz looking for new stewards of business as they close up shop

Running Plymouth's longtime candy store has been a blessing and a joy.

For Cindy and Everett Smith, it's also "been some work."

The long-running business Kemnitz Fine Candies & Gifts might be selling its last chocolate bunnies and Christmas goodies as its owners close the book on decades of successful operations in downtown Plymouth.

While not an easy decision, it's one that's brings fond memories with it. 

"I am very very fortunate - blessed - to have worked with my wife," said Everett. "She is the love of my life and I get to work with her everyday. It’s pretty cool."

The classic candy shop opened in 1951 by George and Betty Kimnitz. A longtime feature of the fabric of Plymouth, it was purchased soon after by Cindy's family in the late 1960s. She and her husband would eventually take over the business in 1999.

"We've been at it a long time. I started when I was 15. My sister was 12 and you could get away with that because we were family," she said.

It's been a blast, the couple agree. But the party can't last forever and the two recently decided it was time to move on. 

"People have expressed ‘oh you can’t. I get my bunnies from you, I get my Christmas candy. You can't.’ But my husband is getting older, I'm getting older," said Cindy. "It's just time."

Everett and Cindy Smith inside Kemnitz Fine Candies & Gifts

"It makes a hometown a nice hometown. Whenever we had parties, we'd always go to Kemnitz to get candy for all the employees," said Jane Elliot, a patron of the store. "It's just been a wonderful staple to have in town."

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Even with their longtime caretakers closing up shop, it may not be the end of Kemnitz. The couple is looking for people to hopefully buy the business and keep the sweet treats flowing. 

"We’ve met some wonderful people so far and people that are excited and want to see Kemnitz also move on and follow through with that," said Cindy.