Oxford High School lawsuit accuses school officials of failing to protect students, updated filing says

A $100 million lawsuit filed against Oxford schools has been updated and now accuses school administrators of not only failing to act to stop the tragedy, but actively worked to discourage others from reporting threats.

Geoffrey Figer's lawsuit, which now includes 11 new counts in an updated filing first distributed last Friday, alleges school officials should have done more to prevent the fatal shootings which left four students dead and seven others injured.

Fieger accused Superintendent Tim Throne, high school Principal Steven Wolf, and others of failing to act. They "discouraged students and parents from reporting, sharing or otherwise discussing threatening social media posts."

The lawsuit, first filed in early December on behalf two sisters including one who survived being shot in the neck, wrongfully targets the school, officials say. Attorneys have indicated they believe school officials are immune from liability.

According to the suit, days before Ethan Crumbley went on an alleged rampage, "multiple parents of students provided communications to Defendant Wolf, with concerns about threats to students made on social media, and the incident of the severed animal heads at Oxford High School two weeks before."

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The lawsuit claims Crumbley first brought the severed bird head in a mason jar containing a yellow liquid to the school on Nov. 11.

Last week, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald released new information about red flags inside the Crumbley household, where parents ignored signs that indicated their song was hallucinating and showed a fascination for firearms. 

Ethan has since been bound over for circuit court after waiving his preliminary exam. He'll go straight to trial.

Crumbley's parents James and Jennifer requested their bond be reduced so they could go home. However, a judge denied that request on Friday. 

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Prosecutors cited Ethan's incident with the bird head as one of many signs that he was troubled. 

And yet, both the school and parents failed to follow-up on those signs, Fieger's lawsuit says. Filed on behalf of Riley and Bella Franz, a 17-year-old and 14-year-old respectively. Now, it accuses Throne of knowingly putting students in harm's way.

Fieger has asked for a jury to decide who if anyone should be responsible for the school shooting.