Oxford High School shooting anniversary brings calls for change from parents

Nov. 30 marks two years since the deadly Oxford High School shooting., a day now called Wildcat Remembrance Day.

The day before the tragic anniversary of the day that left four teens dead, parents and community members attended a roundtable discussion, where they talked about what needs to change.

"Federally, I'd love to see some real action as far as gun control, like real, solid background checks and maybe banning certain weapons that don't make sense for regular people to have," parent Michelle McClellan said.


Oxford students walk out, protesting district 2 years after school shooting

Oxford High School students walked out of their classes and held a rally on Tuesday to demand action – as they still feel unheard two years after the deadly school shooting.

The school shooter's father is accused of buying the then-15-year-old boy the gun used days before the shooting. On Nov. 30, 2021, that teen walked into the school and shot 11 people, killing four.

"I hope that people are able to learn from this and understand that for those of us who have entrenched ourselves in this movement, we recognize that it is very complex, yet we are very dedicated to finding solutions," parent Emily Busch said.

Mental health was also a topic of discussion Wednesday. 

The shooter's mental health has been brought up repeatedly in court proceedings. Evidence shows that he wrote about his mental health frequently before the shooting, and asked his parents for help.

He's now facing a potential life without parole sentence, while his parents are also facing charges for their alleged roles in the shooting.

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