Oxford Michigan native, who lives in Boulder Colorado area reflects on mass shooting

Sadness continues to sweep through Boulder, Colorado, as people gather outside of King Soopers for a memorial to remember the ten lives lost in the mass shooting

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An Oxford, Michigan native Becca Wissman, who now lives in the Boulder, Colorado area, spoke with Fox 2s Veronica Meadows about the incident. 

"It's devastating, of course; you hear about shootings happening all the time. Unfortunately, nobody wants it to happen to their community, but the reality is it's here," says Wissman. 

Wissman says she and her husband have lived in the Boulder area for years and shopped at King Soopers many times; they were not at the store that day. 

Wissman says the shooting is still surreal. 

"The victims of this whether you know them directly, you might not know them directly, but you realize you're connected to them either by the second or third degree or connected by the second or third degree to people who are physically at the store and that's really eye-opening," Wissman says. 

As the Boulder community and the country grieve, Wissman says she hopes people take time to spread love whenever they can.