Pajama pants prowler caught on security video before break-in

A not-so-smooth criminal broke into a Detroit home, not realizing a security camera was rolling the whole time. Now the homeowner is hoping someone will recognize the thief. 

Surveillance video first shows the man -- in his pajamas -- walk up to the home on Marx Street and ring the doorbell. 

Homeowner Tony, who did not wish to go on camera, was away from home around 10 a.m. Tuesday and got an alert on his cell phone - and then another, and then another. He called friends to check on his home but they didn't see any signs of a break-in out front. 

What the video doesn't show, though, is that meanwhile, the suspect was going behind the house and likely disconnecting the power. Tony says he has 9 surveillance cameras at his home -- and they all went out.

When Tony got home, it was ransacked. Missing: televisions, electronics, games, clothes, jewelry; you name it.

"My class ring, bracelet, a necklace, just everything was of value. I mean, he had time."

Tony says he's sure, too, that the pajama pants prowler probably had some help. He got in by breaking a back window. 

"He used a hammer and he broke my window, and he climbed in. He took the bar off the window and he just took everything."

Tony called police and they came to the home to investigate. 

Other than the thief's plaid pants and baseball cap, Tony hope someone also recognizes his tattoos, goatee and dread locks.

If you think you know something about what happened or recognize the man in the surveillance video, call Detroit Police.