Parent allegedly jumps into Detroit school fight, assaulting student

Bad blood between students at Detroit Leadership Academy boiled over and got physical.

"The daughter she threw her jacket down and she races over and hits Nevaeha. Nevaeha snatches from the gym teacher and her and Nevaeha are fighting," said Juanita Jenkins. "I was so upset watching that video, every time I see it, I'm angry."

The fight was caught on camera Feb. 20th and worsened when the mom of one of the kids got involved.

The mother ran up and tried to jump into the fight," Jenkins said. "And her and my eighth grader are fighting. My eighth grader falls on her back and she's on top of my eighth grader and she's punching her, she's hitting her in the face."

When it was over, both of Jenkins' daughters ended up with bruises. Jenkins says the student whose mother jumped into the fray, has been bullying her 10-year-old daughter Nevaeha for months.

Social media only added fuel to the fire. DLA says it often triggers violence between kids and the school becomes the battleground.

"They're in a group chat and they're talking about each other's moms and they're talking about each other and they're threatening each other, 'When we get to school we're going to fight.' And (there is) other kids getting involved," Jenkins said. "It is ridiculous." 

Police are now investigating and the mother who got into the scuffle with Jenkins' kids, could face charges and is banned from DLA.

Detroit Leadership Academy says the drama that unfolded in February was a first for the school and not an accurate reflection what they're about. 

"You don't put your hands on kids, especially some kids that's not yours," Jenkins said. "She could've came in there and really talked to the girls and made them settle their issues right then and there being an adult, but she decided to fight."

FOX 2 received a statement from DLA's superintendent:  

"Detroit Leadership Academy encourages families to get involved and have conversations with their children about appropriate social media use and if they are having problems with classmates online, or otherwise, to report it to a teacher or administration as soon as possible."

The school is cooperating with the investigation and working with the Jenkins family in their pursuit of criminal charges against the parent who got into a scuffle with kids.