Parent arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot someone, sending Woodhaven school into lockdown

Woodhaven High School went into lockdown Tuesday morning after a parent made a threat to go to the school and shoot someone.

Brownstown police received a call from the school after a bus driver that was picking up students at a stop was approached by the parent of a student that attends the school and made the threat.

Deputies responded to the address where the parent lived, which was near Mahoney Ct, which is in a neighborhood near Telegraph in Brownstown Charter Township. 

The high school also went into lockdown while police attempted to make contact with the parent who made the alleged threat.

According to a release from the police department, an investigation by police did not find the suspect had access to weapons. However, they did conclude there was probable cause that a threat had been made.

The suspect, a 52-year-old woman from Brownstown, was taken into custody and the lockdown was lifted at the high school.

FOX 2 reached out to the Woodhaven-Brownstown school district and officials say that once the Brownstown Police Department addressed the parent and the situation. They assured us that there was no threat to student and staff safety and the lockdown was lifted.

Police say this woman has had contact with authorities before.

"We’ve had a couple of minor contacts," said Chief Jeffrey Watson. "Neighbor trouble kind of complaints, that kind of stuff."

Police are investigating the motive for the mother’s actions in Tuesday’s incident but it appears she believed someone was threatening her child

"They were vague allegations that appeared to not have any substance," Watson said.

Police are working to get a warrant request to the Wayne County Prosecutor Office.

"It appears she could be charged with school threats which is a one-year misdemeanor even without intent," he said.