Parents of slain jogger wait for justice on 2-year anniversary of her murder

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It has been two years since a woman was gunned down while jogging on a quiet road in Rose Township.

Police still don't know who pulled the trigger, killing Alexandra Brueger and her parents are pleading for your help to get justice for their daughter.
It is an anniversary this mother and father never imagined they would have to face.

"She was my best friend," said Nikki Brueger. 

"You survive Vietnam just to come home 40 years later and bury your only child," said Franz Brueger. "So what else can be done to you?"

July 30th marks two years since their daughter, Alexandra, 31, was killed as she was jogging on Fish Lake Road near Holly. Her father says he walked that route Monday in her honor.

"This walk, it was in memory of her," he said. "I took her running shoes with me."

Police: jogger was killed in Rose Twp from shotgun blasts

As each day passes there are no answers and no suspect, which only adds to the pain this family must bear and live out day after day 

"It really hasn't quelled the anger, the pain, the despair, that we feel every day," Nikki said. "Because we have no closure."

Not knowing who the suspect is in this murder case is painful but the family says what's also heartbreaking is the why.

"That's the problem," Nikki said. "We have no closure because we can't fathom why anyone would do this 

At one point- - the family says Alexandra's boyfriend pointed a finger at her father, Franz.

"Because it was done on national TV, detectives had to do due diligence and my husband volunteered to put this to rest," Nikki said.

As the investigation continues into who killed Ally Brueger, her mother said something that was done that potentially harmed this case 

MSP confident murdered jogger knew her attacker

"The police from the get-go thought it was somebody she knew," Nikki said. "They put that out there, and they kind of harmed the case by doing that right away. It made people who might have had tips or information step back and say well, if they know who it is, they are going to solve it right away."

But in a statement Michigan State Police tell FOX 2 that it "still has an open active investigation into the death of Ally Brueger. We are still hoping that those with information into this incident will contact the MSP at 855-MICH-TIP. Even if you think your information is not important, it may be the one detail missing to close this case and bring closure for Ally's family."

The family believes someone knows something and they're hoping they will speak up soon.

"What happened that day changed me forever," Nikki said. "Half of my heart is gone."