Parents outraged after school cancels Halloween parade, ending 30-year tradition

A 30-year tradition -- the school's Halloween parade -- suddenly came to an end at an elementary school in the Plymouth-Canton district, leaving many students and parents outraged.

The Miller Elementary School in the Plymouth Canton Community school district may be saying no to the Halloween parade.

"The kids dress up and they're walking around, and they're having fun waving and you're taking pictures of them. They're enjoying themselves," said Charles Talmadge.

This year, the Mustang Minute newsletter broke the news to parents that they were ditching the parade. They say the reason is to reduce the disruption and to honor all families, those that do and do not  celebrate Halloween.  

“For whatever reason it's OK that they don't celebrate Halloween. It's not wrong not celebrating it, but it's wrong forcing the ones that do celebrate it not to," said Megan Talmadge, a parent of a kindergarten student.

Principal Blair Kelso says she understands the Miller parade tradition but she says it's an academic day. She says she likes Halloween and the school does have a haunted hallway for kids, but canceling the parade has taken off on the parents' Facebook.

The principal said there's going to be a parent meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss the best way to show "Miller pride."