Parents pick up kids early after gunshot reports at Detroit school, former student arrested

Police arrested a former student for firing gunshots at the playground near Ralph W. Emerson Elementary-Middle School Wednesday morning.

"No one was in the area when the shots were fired," Detroit Public Schools Community District stated in a news release. "No one was harmed and the campus is all clear."

Concerned parents were frantically picking up their children before dismissal. Some parents claimed they did not receive any alerts from the school or the district at the time of the incident.

"I heard something about a shooting. …I came to pick up my kids immediately," said La'Shawn Perkins, one of the parents. "I’m just concerned to get my kids. I don’t want nothing to happen to mine."

DPSCD Police were on scene when FOX 2 arrived. Investigators confirmed that no shots were fired inside the school, at the school, or at an individual.

"I felt a little better seeing that the police was here when I pulled up," Perkins said. 

However, not receiving a notification from the school does concern him.

"I feel like they should have been the first ones to let us know something like that was going on," Perkins said.

Some parents said their kids will not return to school until things are figured out. 

"The police (should) be up here or something," Perkins said. "Because I’m not taking no chances with my kids' life."


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