Parents, students rally for Allen Park principal under investigation

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Students and parents rally in support of an Allen Park Middle School principal -- who's under investigation.

They packed a school board meeting Monday night supporting the embattled principal Mark Lowe. That is purely speculation why he is under investigation at this point-and it's a big reason why so many of the students who were here are so upset.

The superintendent is not saying what exactly the allegation is -only that it was the principal's colleagues who brought it to the district's attention.

"As students we are not asking you, we're begging you give us the best principal ever back," one young woman said.

Students and parents gave the Allen Park school board an earful.

"I believe this with my entire heart, Mr. Lowe is the best educator and principal I have seen, ever," another student said.

Many at Monday night's meeting were there in support of Allen Park Middle School Principal Mark Lowe currently on leave and the subject of an internal investigation for allegations Superintendent Mike Darga calls significant, serious and extensive.

"These allegations do not involve students, nor were they initiated by our families," Darga said. "These formal complaints were brought forward by employees of Allen Park Public Schools."

"We're not investigating the president of the United States," said one parent. "It's our principal and we need him back in this school."

Lowe's supporters say the investigation has dragged on for far too long - seven weeks now.

This is not the first time Lowe has been in hot water-he went on leave earlier this year after mistakenly sending a suggestive picture of a banana, meant for a friend, to school staffers.

Students protested in front of Allen Park Middle School in support of Lowe earlier Monday. Lowe was not at the school board meeting, but his wife was and spoke on his behalf-thanking students for their support and making it clear he's not going anywhere.

"He has not, nor does he ever intend to resign from his position as principal," said Rania Lowe, the principal's wife.

But here's something else to consider -the teachers' union President Joel Burkey is accusing Principal Lowe of trying to impugn the integrity of the investigation.

According to Burkey, the principal sent out a series of text messages saying the union president told teachers to not support him. 

Burkey denied that allegation in the meeting and in a letter to members, saying he only told teachers to be careful about stepping into the fray without all of the facts surrounding the allegation.  

The investigation is ongoing seven weeks in, with no word on how long before it's complete.