Party store thieves fill trash cans with liquor bottles

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A Detroit business owner, fed up after crooks break into his liquor store.

And he says this isn't the first time. But little did these criminals know they were being watched.

"Come on we need to stop this, enough is enough," said store owner Chris Kajal.

Kajal says just before 5 a.m. Monday, crooks used crowbars to force their way inside his store.

"They busted door open over there and they opened it," he said.

The owner says the bold move was caught on video. You see at least five men, some wearing construction hats with a light, force their way in and immediately they start filling trash cans with  liquor bottles.

The business owner says the suspects even grabbed money from a container before leaving in this pickup truck.

You can see trash cans filled with liquor bottles placed in the bed of the pickup truck as the suspects drive away.

"It’s not easy when people take from our business," Kajal said. "We work hard for our money."

Kajal says the damage and loss of merchandise has cost him well over $10,000.

"Stop it, it's not worth it," he said. "Go get a job."

The business owner says once his alarm went off police arrived to the scene. Detroit police say they are investigating and Kajal says he hopes the suspects are caught before they strike again.

The business owner says this area marks the spot where previous attempts were made to get inside his building. But after Monday's break-in he says he'll have to take other steps to protect his business.

"I'll probably put another door up to stop them," he said. "I have to, I have to put on another door to stop them."

But for now, this business owner says he's just fed up.

"People have nothing better to do but sit around and think of stupid things to do like that," Kajal said.