Pawfficer Badges, orginal Troy Police cat, passes away

Troy Police announced Tuesday that the original cat the department adopted in 2018 has died from feline leukemia.

According to Troy Police, Pawfficer Badges passed away on Saturday at the age of two. 

Badges was originally selected by Troy Police as the original kitty recruit in the spring of 2018. But, just after being appointed to the new position, the department learned she had Feline Leukemia, a fatal disease that's very contagious to other cats.

Because it was so contagious, the cat handler with Troy Police couldn't work with Pawfficer Badges and then put other animals at risk.

In mid-May 2018, the department adopted another cat, Pawfficer Donut, who has been on the force leading the K9 unit, participating in community policing, and giving lots of cuddles.