Troy Police Department welcomes new police cat Pawficcer Donut

A new recruit was sworn into duty Friday after the Troy Police Department learned its newly selected police cat is too sick to join the force.

Pawfficer Donut is ready to report.

"We wanted to show that the police have a human side too," said Troy Police Chief Gary Mayer.

She had to raise her right paw to get sworn in Friday afternoon. She's already stealing the hearts of the officers.

The campaign to fill their feline unit has had ups and downs. This week they found out the original kitty recruit, Pawofficer Badges, has Feline Leukemia. 

"It's a viral disease that typically can cause immune suppression issues which is what makes it fatal in the long run," said Michigan Humane Society CEO Matthew Pepper.

It's very contagious to other cats so the kitty handler with Troy Police couldn't put her other animals at risk.

"If we talk about a police officer's job is to educate and be a resource to the community, Pawfficer Badges is going to serve that purpose by allowing us to use it as a platform to talk about what Feline Leukemia is," Pepper said.

Badges can live a good life with treatment and will eventually be adopted out. Donut has some big paws to fill, but she's got some of Troy's finest behind her.

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