Pediatric Physician turns to social media for help during COVID-19 pandemic, gets the unexpected 

Pediatric Physician Hannan Alsahlani decided to turn to social media after being faced with the reality that a lack of cleaning supplies and medical equipment could force her practice to close. 

“Basically it was just as plead saying please help us, we just need supplies,” Dr. Alsahlani said. 

That Facebook group quickly went viral. 

“I woke up to over 800 text messages,” Dr. Alsahlani said. “It was very overwhelming, incredible and inspiring on so many levels.” 

That was Monday morning, and it was only the beginning. What happened, next surprised everyone at Serenity Pediatrics in Bloomfield Hills. 

“We had lines the next morning,” Dr. Alsahlani said. “Our whole front door was packed. We now have several rooms filled with Lysol, wipes, handmade masks, N95 masks.”

After receiving so many donations, the doctor’s office decided to start paying it forward by donating the overflow. 

“We’ve already sent donations out to New York City, and we’ve already reached out to several practices and they’ve been reaching out to us, so we’ve been sharing equipment,” Dr. Alsahlani said. 

The incredible outpouring of support has allowed the doctor’s office to stay open and see little patients like 10-month old Raj. 

“I know we have an amazing community and I know my colleagues are all in the same boat as well, and I know we’ve all been having the same struggle,” Dr. Alsahlani said. “This has far exceeded any expectation that I could have imagined.” 

As a mother of four young daughters herself, Dr. Alsahlani said she couldn’t bare to close her practice and turn patients like baby Raj away. 

“We are so grateful,” she said. “I just see the silver lining in all of this and it brings so much hope and so much peace and so much joy in such as dark time.”