Perry Funeral Home responds to state about mishandling of infant and fetus remains

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The state is working to permanently shut down Perry Funeral Home in Detroit but Perry is pushing back defending their practices even after 63 fetal remains were found in a freezer and cardboard box.

Late last year Detroit Police Chief James Craig pushed for a widespread investigation by the state of the 43 funeral homes in the city. 

It was launched after 10 fetuses and one baby body were discovered inside the former Cantrell Funeral Home, then 63 fetuses at Perry.

The investigation was completed this week by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs or LARA.

Perry with a laundry list of citations including storing remains in a disrespectful manner, possessing remains without authorization and filing false death certificates.

Grounds for revoking its license permanently. 

Perry and its manager Gary Deak responded to the report with a very different take. 

In this letter to FOX 2 Perry defends its practices saying they complied with all laws.

They're blaming any violations found by LARA on not getting authorization to bury or cremate unclaimed bodies. 

The letter says,

"Perry Funeral Home acted at all times to provide respectful services and show dignity to the remains of those unclaimed individuals that came into their care."

LARA can't file any criminal charges and they will hand their findings over to DPD's task force, created to specifically to investigate funeral homes. 

The Public Relations group assisting Perry told our reporter over the phone they weren't willing to on camera, but they plan to meet with LARA in the next few weeks. They're confident they will be able to keep their license.