Person of interest arrested in murder of Sterling Heights grandmother

Sterling Heights police say a person of interest is under arrest for the death of a 48-year-old woman found on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon Kathleen Hales was found dead by a family member. There were signs of a struggle, signs of a homicide, inside her mobile home, near Van Dyke and Utica.  

"It wasn't fair, for anyone or her, to go through that, that suffering," said a longtime friend of the victim. "It was just brutal suffering.

"Two days now and we haven't slept. And the thing that keeps crossing my mind is just the way she passed."  

The family friend who wants to stay anonymous can't understand who would want to hurt this mother and grandma.  
"It's very tragic and unfortunate for the family," said Lt. Mario Bastianelli, Sterling Heights police. "Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of the victim

As of Monday afternoon, investigators do have a suspect behind bars.  

"We have somebody in custody and we did that within 48 hours of the crime," he said. "You have to say our detectives went above and beyond as they always do."  

Who this person of interest is to Kathleen Hales - and how she was killed - is still a mystery to her mourning family and friends.  

Kathleen Hales and the mobile home she was found dead inside.

Kathleen Hales and the mobile home she was found dead inside.

"We're going to miss her smile, her cheerfulness and her positiveness," said the friend. "I hope she's in a place of comfort and peace."

To donate to the family, CLICK HERE for the GoFundMe.