Pewabic Pottery, a company making pottery for Detroit since 1903

"This is Pewabic Pottery, so we're one of the oldest operating potteries in the country and we've been making pottery and tile in Detroit, since 1903," said Steve McBride with Pewabic Pottery. 

People can visit the cultural landmark, take tours and watch artists create pottery and tiles. 

While you're there, be sure to check out the historic artwork on the second floor. Many may think of it as a mini museum. 

"It's just a really dynamic place to come and see and we're still installing stuff around the city," McBride said, "There's Q-Line stations, Little Caesars Arena, and you'll see out tiles on Comerica Park."  

Please feel free to go to the Pewabic Pottery website to see all of the cool things that they offer.