Phil Mickelson says he won't return to Detroit's Rocket Mortgage after newspaper report

For the first time in the brief history of the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, golf star Phil Mickelson made an appearance in 2021. It might be his only one after he took issue with reporting from a newspaper article.

Mickelson tweeted on Thursday that he won't return to Detroit because of a story published by the Detroit News this week, which obtained federal court records from 2007 that detail how a Grosse Pointe-based bookie reportedly cheated the golfer out of $500,000. Mickelson was never charged in any wrongdoing.

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In response to a tweet from Crain's Chad Livengood, which asked if a photo of Phil Mickelson "before or after he got done rage-tweeting at @robertsnellnews for doing his job?"

The golfer responded and said he hasn't tweeted anything yet. "I’ve only responded to other’s tweets. You and Rob do what you need to do (report something from over 20 years ago) and I’ll do what I need to (let everyone know why I won’t be back)."

He doubled down on his promise not to return during an interview Thursday when said this happened two decades ago and he didn't feel appreciated for making his schedule work to fit in the tournament and said he usually takes a few weeks off after the U.S. Open. He said he liked what Rocket Mortgage has done for the community and thought he could bring some value to the tournament.

"It was so much effort for me to be here and to have that type of unnecessary attack," Mickelson said. "Not like I care, it happened 20-something years ago, it's just the lack of appreciation. Yeah, I don't see that happening. I don't see me coming back. Not that I don't love the people here, they have been great, but not with that type of thing happening."

His comments came one day after his attorney took issue with the timing of the history as the Rocket Mortgage Classic opened in Detroit on Thursday.