Plot twist: Phoenix man calls police for burglar, ends up being arrested himself

The Phoenix Police Department says a man called for help saying a burglar tried getting into his home, and the incident ended with the caller in handcuffs.

In a social media post on March 1, the department stated, "A man calling to report a possible break-in, finds himself in handcuffs instead. While officers were searching his home for the alleged burglar, they located: 6,000 fentanyl pills, 392 grams of meth, $4,685."

According to police documents, the incident happened on Feb. 28 around 6 p.m. near Roosevelt Street and 15th Avenue.

Police say the now suspect, John Harbison, allowed officers to check out his apartment for signs of a burglary, but instead of finding a burglar, they reportedly found "a large quantity of drugs in plain view."

The drugs were identified by police as fentanyl and meth. They also say drug-related items like a scale, plastic bags and needles were found.

Harbison was booked into jail on suspicion of several drug-related charges. He was soon released after posting a cash bond of $5,000. Court documents show Harbison will be under the supervision of an electronic monitoring device and also have a curfew.

He's set to be back in court on March 10.

In another plot twist, the department says there were no signs of a break-in.