Pick-up truck crashes into Farmington Hills home

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A Farmington Hills man woke up to a bang Wednesday morning when he found a pick-up truck in his living room. 

“I don't know what happened. It was a loud bang.”
Perry Delikta, house was hit by pickup truck,

“The truck was running, and the house with filling up with carbon monoxide I didn't know what to think," Delikta said.

Police want to know what this man was thinking. He allegedly blows the stop sign at Shiawassee in the 9 mile and Inkster area and lands in the house. 

However, after smashing through the house, the man allegedly fled on foot and went back 
to his house, a few blocks away, where he held police at bay for hours.  

“You have a parole violation and nothing more open the door," police said.

John Voskuhl of Farmington Hills, eventually cooperated with police and was arraigned on three misdemeanor charges.

At first he pled guilty, then he changed his mind and asked for a lawyer.  

This isn’t Voskuhls first run in with the law, he is on parole for drug charges, he has prior convictions for armed robbery, and he hasn't even been a year out of prison.  

Voskuhl will be back in court on June 14.  But for Perry and his wife, getting their house and life back together starts now.