Pilot program begins for bulletproof shelter inside Alabama classroom

An Alabama elementary school will be participating in a pilot program for a bulletproof pullout shelter inside classrooms which would be used in the event of a potential shooting incident. 

West Elementary School in Cullman, Alabama, has been chosen to be the guinea pig of KT Solutions’ Rapid Access Safe Room (RASR) which is a collapsible shelter that can lie flat against the wall of any classroom. 

But if needed, the RASR can be pulled out and expanded to create a bulletproof shelter. Once the door is secured, no one can access it from the outside. 

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FILE - RASR pulled out as demonstration. (KT Solutions/Turn2Productions via Storyful)

The RASR can be deployed in 10 seconds and offers National Institute of Justice level III ballistics protection. 

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.