Pizza driver involved in gunfight with armed robber on west side

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THe pizzas are still in the warming sleeve at the scene of a shooting Wednesday night.

A pizza delivery driver was involved in a shootout with an armed robber who tried to rob him on the northwest side of Detroit.

After arriving to an abandoned house and being confronted, the driver pulled his own gun and was involved in shootout, according to police.

The house, located on Kentucky near Joy Road, was vacant and a suspect was waiting for the driver inside. In the shooting the suspect was wounded and found on the next street over, Kentucky, where he was arrested.

A second suspect is at large, but no description by police was made available.

A co-worker was also wounded in the incident, which happened at about 8:30 p.m. There is no further information on the condition of those wounded.

None of the injuries suffered are life threatening, said Sgt. Cassandra Lewis of Detroit police.

The driver is believed to be uninjured.