Plane flies banner over Tsimhoni children's school

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Just when you thought the case of the Tsimhoni children, locked up last summer for not wanting to have lunch with dad couldn't get more outrageous.

The latest twist came Wednesday afternoon when a group of powerful people hired a plane to fly banner over the children's school this afternoon. The message: Mommy loves you - be strong - #free the kids.

Someone snapped a picture of the three children watching it go by.

"If there are concerned groups who really want to reunite this family no problem," said Charlie Langton, FOX 2 legal analyst. "The issue for the court is did mom have any knowledge or involvement in flying a banner overhead. I would say if the mom did and it can be proven, mom is in trouble."

Langton is referring to Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca, who will likely pursue whether mom was behind this move. Gorcyca's handling of this case has polarized the public.

After the kids were released from Children's Village, she transferred them to an expensive summer camp. From there, Gorcyca ordered them to enter a five-day reunification program with their father, Omer Tsimhoni, who has since been given temporary custody.

Mother Maya Tsimhoni who the judge blames for years of parental alienation, has not been allowed to have contact with her children. it's been 112 days.

Psychiatrist Dr. Gerald Sheiner questions whether that is the best approach.

"The kids are in the most difficult situation," he said. "Whatever their relationship with either parent was, deep down inside they have to know their parents love them and they have to miss the parent they are not seeing. That's the part that makes you wonder how this is going to be constructive."

Since Gorcyca sent the kids to Children's Village, many online support groups have formed seeking justice for the Tsimhoni children, but even they call flying a banner a careless act.

It gives the impression mom arranged it,  which would violate both the gag and protective orders issued in this case.

Insiders tell FOX 2 Maya Tsimhoni had nothing to do with this.

"It's never ending," Scheiner said. "It doesn't help anyone doesn't bring this to a resolution. If two people, two adults can't sit down, can't get along and do what's best for the children. You run out of patience and run out of hope. The situation is very dire."

Some say it is a desperate move by the mother, and others suspect the father may have done it to damage her case.

Maya Tsimhoni previously tried to have Gorcyca removed from the case claiming bias, but she denied the motion.

Her legal team appealed it, now it is up to Oakland County Chief Judge Nancy Grant to determine if she stays on the case. The next hearing for that is scheduled for Oct. 21.