Planning to travel this summer? Buy plane tickets now before prices soar

If you're panning to travel this summer, act fast because plane ticket prices are going up.

A travel advisor is warning that high gas prices and high demand are going to drive up prices. Also, airlines still haven't fully restored the number of seats or flights that were cut during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We used to see, ‘Oh I could go to florida last minute, it’s only going to cost me $300.’ That trip is going to cost you $400-$600. Same thing going to Vegas for $400 – that’s going to cost you $700-$800," said David Fishman with Cadillac Travel.

Fishman recommends booking your flights for the rest of the year as soon as possible.

He said prices will level out once airlines restore their inventory. But when could that be?

A spokesperson from southwest said the airline is four percent down from its pre-pandemic level and expects to be back by 2023.

Delta Air Lines cut 80% of its capacity in 2020 compared to 2019. At this point in 2022, Delta is nearly 90% back to its pre-pandemic capacity.