Playground torched by vandals at Detroit's Patton Park

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A playground ruined after someone set the equipment on fire at a park on Detroit's southwest side.

Now investigators are trying to figure out who did it while the community worries about replacing the pricy playscape.

A community activist upset that someone would destroy a gem at a local Detroit park

"Was your five minutes of pleasure really worth taking this away from all of our children?" said Ann Byrne, Friends of Patton Park. "Shame on you."

Just after midnight on Sunday, Ann Byrne was inside her home and that's when she heard sirens from fire trucks

And then she saw the damage.

"Apparently someone took an incredible amount of gasoline and set this over $200,000 playscape on fire to the point it turned the metal into shrapnel," she said.

This grandfather says he takes his grandson to have fun and play on the equipment in a safe environment and he can't understand why someone would do such a thing

"People do stupid things, it's ridiculous," said Frank Green.

"It just makes me scared because fire makes me scared." said Mahlan a youngster who loves to play at the park.

"You have a few people trying to destroy what Detroit is accomplishing," said Green.

Detroit Police Arson Task Force is investigating the incident and they want anyone with information to give them a call

"We know that folks who do this escalate and we want them to understand that this is not acceptable in this community."

Supporters of the park say an effort is underway to replace the playscape and they are asking for the community to help.

"We all know the city is struggling for funds for funding and they've done a great job getting grants but this is not in anyone's budget.

"We have a fiduciary and if you contact friends of Patton Park we will let you know how you can send your contribution."